Our landscape maintenance team delivers quality in:
  • Aerating/thatching
  • Bed cleanup
  • Blow sweeping, pressure washing
  • Edging
  • Fertilizing
  • Irrigation maintenance (winterization, spring start-up and system diagnostics)
  • Leaf cleanup and removal
  • Lime/Gypsum applications
  • Moss control in beds/turf
  • Mulch installation (bark, compost, woodchips, etc.)
  • Mulch mowing (which means recycling grass clippings back to the source)
  • Overseeding in turf
  • Pruning (which is not to be confused with…)Sheering, shaping, hedging (only upon request as this is not an ideal practice to manage a plant’s growth habit)
  • Storm cleanup
  • Topdressing turf via compost
  • Tree limbing/skirting
  • Weed management in beds and turf

Maintenance, a seemingly straight forward concept… but what is ever as simple as it seems? To properly maintain a landscape, a professional must not only understand the concepts that went into the installation of the landscape, but must also have a deep knowledge of the biological processes of living soil and plant material. This correlates to effective communication with clients as well as problem-solving. There is much more to plant and turf health, drainage issues and weed management than meets the eye. Our professional staff works with skill, knowledge and integrity to truly care for your landscape as if it was our own.