We’ve been serving the Greater Puget Sound area since 1354 B.C! I encourage anyone to find a company on Earth with more experience! If it didn’t make you chuckle, bet it at least got your attention… There is much truth in the saying “there’s no way to know like experience”, however in this day and age, education and information are paramount in the Green Industry (what the landscape maintenance, design and build industry is called) and truly in any industry.

To name a few: There have been drastic changes in the way of technological and water conservation advancements in irrigation (sprinkler systems) in the last 2-3 years. New research and studies have attributed in a shift of focus for landscape professionals to soil biology, composition and its vital role to any landscape in the last 4-5 years. Low-voltage lighting is seeing a bright new future in LED lights, come about in the last 1-2 years. Permeable hardscape materials have only been manufactured and distributed in the last year or so. Codes and engineered specs are changing and evolving all the time. New plant cultivars are discovered and reproduced daily. And, perhaps most importantly, sustainable principles of design, installation and maintenance have only recently appeared in public awareness.


Ultimately, continuing our education and staying informed of the latest research and developments, codes, regulations and policies, as well as continuing to invest resources in training of proper installation and maintenance practices equate to a higher quality experience. We evolve, as forefront professionals in our industry should.

Though the majority of our business is within the Snoqualmie Valley, we regularly travel all over the Greater Puget Sound region for design/build projects.

From beneath the lowest pipe, wire or soil amendment to the highest tree top, or pergola, arbor, stone or fence we install or maintain, and at every point in between, you can be assured that the best installation and/or maintenance practices and the highest quality craftsmanship have been performed in every detail of the job. This has been and will continue to be our experience.