Titan Landscaping is a small company made up of genuine people (just like you!), machines (large and small), trucks (the kind that are built like trucks), lots of hand-operated tools, computers, phones and tons of paper. We are based out of the Carnation/Fall City area, which lies in the heart of the beautiful Snoqualmie Valley. Our staff ranges from four to ten depending on the season. Almost all of us reside in the Snoqualmie Valley, as well. We are proud to offer local jobs to local people. Whenever possible we give our business to our local businesses. We believe in supporting our local economy. There are no false hopes of becoming a corporate conglomerate, or portraying ourselves to be one. This is not to be confused with professionalism.


Bit of history: In April of 2004, Titan Landscaping was founded by John Strange, from Fall City. The company was named in honor of his late brother, Jason Thompson. Jason died at the age of 18, through a terrible violent crime in May of 2000. Among many positive qualities, he was a promising football player with a bright future. His favorite team was the Tennessee Titans.

The company had a real grass-roots start - a truck, couple wheelbarrows, 2 shovels, a few rakes and a broom, with no financial backing. Nick Blue came on as a working hand and agreed to be business advisor, of-sorts, and in a few months became partner. 2004 had earmarks of success and by spring of 2005 the company experienced some growth in the acquisition of a couple more trucks, a trailer, landscape maintenance equipment and many more tools of the trade. This was also the first year the company began employing local people. In fall of 2005, Nick and John, lifetime friends (and remain to this day), agreed to part ways. Nick acquired full ownership of the company. The rest is history in the making!